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Heffley Condemns Election Bullying Letters
LEHIGHTON – Rep. Doyle Heffley (R-Carbon County) issued the following statement in response to voter shaming letters sent to constituents.

“Many residents, including my wife, recently received letters in the mail from the Pennsylvania State Voter Report listing the voting records of themselves, neighbors and friends. Though these letters appear to be from a state agency, they are not. These letters did not come from my office or any other state agency. Similar letters have been sent to residents of Indiana, Alaska and Pennsylvania in the past.

“The letters recently sent to residents of Carbon County are nothing more than bullying tactics and have no place in our democracy. While whether someone voted in past elections is a matter of public record, I don’t believe these records should be used, as is the apparent case with these letters, to shame someone into voting. The listed return address on envelopes in which the letters were sent is a post office box in Harrisburg and does not list the sender’s name or names. It is cowardly to hide behind a post office box and an official-sounding name to intimidate voters.

“That is why I contacted the state Attorney General’s office to look into this matter to see if any laws were broken.”

Representative Doyle Heffley
122nd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
717.260.6374 /

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