Nov. 20, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Doyle Heffley (R-Carbon) joined a majority of his House colleagues in passing a state budget for the remainder of the 2020-21 fiscal year. Due to the uncertainty of state revenues resulting from the pandemic, the General Assembly enacted a spending plan in May that covered the first five months of the fiscal year that also fully funded education.

The spending and fiscal code bills approved today would fund the core functions of state government through the end of the fiscal year in June without any tax increases or public borrowing.

Heffley issued the following statement after the vote:

“At a time of so much uncertainty, we chose not to place a heavier burden on hard-working Pennsylvania residents and held the line on taxes. We were able to accomplish that goal by transferring money from several special funds, including the Rainy Day Fund, which was created for that reason.

“This spending plan fully supports the essential needs of counties and ensures public health and safety workers on the front lines of the pandemic receive the funding they need to continue fulfilling their critical mission in our communities.

“We wanted to place Pennsylvania on firm financial footing as we continue down the road of economic recovery, and I believe the 2020-21 budget does just that.”

Heffley noted that the governor is expected to sign the budget bills into law.

Representative Doyle Heffley
122nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives