Rep. Heffley Discusses the Important of Combating Fraud, Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Dollars

Feb. 28, 2023 / Embed

Representative Doyle Heffley comments on Program Integrity bill package.

Rep. Heffley Discusses the Importance of Boy Scouts

Feb. 07, 2023 / Embed

Rep. Heffley talks about his experiences as a former Boy Scout and recognizes Eagle Scouts from Carbon County.

Representative Heffley Takes Role as Human Services Chairman

Feb. 06, 2023 / Embed

Representative Doyle Heffley discusses what it means to be appointed the Republican Committee Chair for the Human Services Committee.

Rep. Doyle Heffley's 107th PA Farm Show Recap

Jan. 18, 2023 / Embed

State Rep. Doyle Heffley gives a 107th Farm Show recap.

Rep. Doyle Heffley Introduces Legislation on Tougher Fentanyl Punishments

Sep. 14, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Doyle Heffley discusses how his proposed legislation would create stiffer criminal penalties for any defendant who knowingly or intentionally manufactures or sells fentanyl or fentanyl-laced drugs.

Rep. Doyle Heffley Offers Alternatives on How to Help Residents

Aug. 16, 2022 / Embed

Representative Doyle Heffley disagrees with Governor Wolf's $2,0000 rebate proposal and instead wants to help home owners in Pennsylvania with a property tax rebate.

Rep. Heffley's Reaction to PennDOT's Decision Not to Appeal Commonwealth Court Ruling Against Tolling

Aug. 03, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Doyle Heffley offers comments on PennDOT's recent decision not to appeal the Commonwealth Court ruling against tolling bridges.

Rep. Heffley Reflects on National Night Out

Aug. 03, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Heffley discusses the National Night Out event in his district.

No P3 Bridge Tolls Coalition Harrisburg Rally

Jun. 08, 2022 / Embed

Rep. Doyle Heffley participated in a Capitol rally in opposition to the governor's ill-advised plan to toll nine interstate bridges in Pennsylvania, including the I-80 bridge over the Lehigh River.

Opposition Rally for Gov. Wolf's PB Major Bridge Tolling Initiative

Jun. 08, 2022 / Embed

Surrounded by fellow Legislative members, State Representative Donna Oberlander leads a press rally in opposition to the Governor's desire to toll various bridges throughout the Commonwealth of Pa.